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Your gateway for aligning with incredible opportunities for best-in-class and cutting edge innovations in blockchain education, technologies and Web3 projects.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create and grow a global community of educated members who have access to best-in-class education, cutting edge Web3 projects and state-of-the-art technologies in the blockchain space. We will provide our members with exceptional support and systems designed to help create success and opportunities for financial gain.

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Our Web3 experts utilize their influential global contacts, from Miami to Dubai bringing unlimited opportunities in Web3 projects.

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Educate yourself and set a solid foundation in your Web3 journey!
Get current and informative training on how to navigate, capitalize and participate in the Web3 universe with real time updates on the market, new technologies and projects.

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What if we can build the largest Web3 community, literally, at the palm of our hands ?
A World Class Marketing System that does 90% of the heavy lifting for you! In a world where "community is commerce", Blockchain Direct provides you with tools that will equip and empower you to build, manage and grow your Blockchain Alliance Businesses.

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A private bank, card solutions, crypto exchange and rewards program All Rolled In One!
Get Cashback Rewards, Travel Discounts and Concierge Services with Exclusive perks that money can't always buy. Convert All major cryptocurrencies real time to fiat when swapping this Mastercard debit card.

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Forward Thinking, Secure and Faster Trading with Alliance Trading.
There’s one thing that remains consistent, and that is the fear and emotions that come from trading. They are real, and at some point, all traders have them. Trading is both rewarding and challenging. With a winning trade, you feel victorious, but on the other hand, a losing trade makes you feel defeated. No emotion is one of the main reasons a trading bot is more consistent than the individual trader. With Alliance Trading, you will find the emotional swings much easier to take.



"Bitcoin Bull Raoul Paul Predicts 100x Crypto Market Cap growth by 2030"

"Web3 - A Transformative And Disruptive Multi-Trillion-Dollar opportunity to service Billions"

"Cryptocurrency is here to stay", a top Revenue Service Law Enforcer said, and tax-collection agency wants to partner wih the industry to fight financial crime"

"The Metaverse will likely infiltrate every sector in some way in the coming years, with the market opportunity estimated over $1 Trillion in yearly revenues"